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Welcome to Jamkhed

Welcome to Jamkhed

By on January 20, 2014 in CRHP Jamkhed with 2 Comments

Yesterday, a three hour train ride followed by five very bumpy hours on a bus took us from Mumbai to Jamkhed.

As we entered Jamkhed, we were lucky enough to witness the groom’s parade which is a part of an Indian wedding. About 30 men danced around the groom who was on horseback, followed by a DJ truck playing very lively music. It was certainly a great way to be greeted into the town. Our group of 20 students accompanied by two tutors arrived at the Comprehensive Rural Health Project (CRHP) in the evening.

After a quick orientation and dinner we were all exhausted, so it was a hot shower for everyone then straight to bed!

Breakfast this morning was simple – toast, bananas and an Indian rice dish. We were then taken on a tour of the CRHP campus and got our first glimpse into the work they do here in Jamkhed.

The Jaipur Foot


The artificial limb program at Jamhked

We visited the artificial limb program, where low-cost prosthetic lower limbs known as the Jaipur Foot are made. Patients pay only what they can afford and donations cover the remainder of the costs.

The workers who construct the limbs also teach patients how to walk with the prosthetic. About 500 prosthetic legs were made last year and provided to people of a range of ages. The most common cause of loss of limb is accident, but other causes include diabetes and gangrene.


We then visited the Joyful Learning Preschool where 65 children come for basic education. The children are aged two to five and all live in a nearby slum.

New Preschool Opening from CRHP on Vimeo.

Each morning, the woman who runs the preschool goes to the slum to pick up the children and bring them into the CRHP campus. The woman also checks each household to ensure the children are being cleaned, brushing their teeth and a basic level of health care is being maintained.

As soon as we walked up to the front of the preschool all the children eagerly ran out to greet us. They were absolutely adorable, I could of spent all day with them and I am definitely going to make the effort to go help out in the preschool during free time.

The CRHP Programs

The programmes run here at the CRHP extend beyond medical care and serve the broader needs of individuals and the community. Provision of prosthetic limbs helps patients remain productive members of society as they can continue to work in the farms and generate income. Children who are provided education from a young age are more likely to do well at school and continue their education.

In Jamkhed, the comprehensive approach to health care means addressing literacy, income generation, discrimination and social issues which influence health.

2 Reader Comments

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  1. Louise says:

    So amazing you get to experience all this!

  2. Anuj Prasad says:

    Lol howz the heat Skye 🙂

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